Soboom is one of the leading manufacturers for transformer radiators. We currently have 10 automated production lines for fin-type radiators, all of which are equipped with imported state of art machinery, equipment and tools.   Soboom radiators feature safety and reliability, with beautiful outer appearance, oil and material saving, solid sealing and superb heat dissipation effect. We produce two types of fin-type radiators: stationary and detachable, with fin width of 520 mm, 480mm, 310mm, and centre distance varying from 400 mm to 4000mm, or according to customer specification.

Soboom was awarded the quality control approval certificate ISO9001.
Our products are manufactured in strict accordance with the national standards "fin type radiator for transformer" JB / T5347. Under the same specifications, our radiators have larger heat dissipation area with higher intensity. They are quite energy-saving and environment-friendly and have been well received by our customers and industry experts.