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Transformer use type radiator Widely used in hv and uhv power transformer, The reactor power equipment, such as special cooling device. The transformer with plate radiator according to the national standard JB/T5347 requirement to design and manufacture. Model description Notes: Protection type (Special use environment )Code name “TH”Wet tropical environment “TA” Tropical environment, General environment without letters.
Specifications parameter Radiator fin width respectively

520mm 、 480mm 、 310mm

Radiator center distance/width divided

Radiator number of flake/width of each group divided into
12-40 pieces/520mm、group
12-35 pieces/480mm、group
1-12 pieces/310mm、group

The radiator according to the installation divided into: Stationary and detachable.
PG type: stationary, Don't use the flange、Direct welding in the transformer oil tank on the outeline .
PC type: detachable, Through the flange fixed outside the transformer oil tank on the line

The radiator according to the structure can be divided into: conventional type and gooseneck type .

Conventional type: Radiator elament center distance is equal, model number annotation for PC 3600-36/520
gooseneck type: Radiator elament center distance is not the same, model number annotation for PC 3200 (2800) - 30(3) / 520

Plate radiator selection and Use the matters needing attention:
Radiator selection principle:

1、Experience method: The radiator selection, At present the main is provided in accordance with professional manufacturing units “radiator parameters for reference, Combined with practical work experience to choose.
2、Calculation method: According to the data calculation of Transformer fuel tank total effective radiating area S: S=0.75SI+k4S2+nSZ(or Sf)
Among them: S1-----Transformer oil tank cover area ㎡,
S2-----The Transformer oil tank wall area ㎡,
SZ --- Each group of natural cooling effective heat dissipation of radiator ㎡ area,
Sf --- Each group of air cooling effective heat dissipation of radiator ㎡ area,
SZ and Sf can be directly from the selection of radiator technology parameters in the table,
N------Radiator group number,
K4----Radiator heat sink arrangement of way coefficient Single layout coefficient 0.9 Double-sided decorate coefficient of 0.85 Three surface arrangement coefficient 0.8

Equipped with DBF air cooling device conditions
1、When the radiator adopts self cooling, Because the transformer tank environmental conditions not equipped With cooling device.
2、Transformer capacity is more than or equal to 10000KVA, Equipped with air cooling device.
3、When the transformer of other conditions needed, Equipped with air cooling device.
Use the matters needing attention
1、The Radiator out factory of Standard, Conform to the standard JB/T 5347《The radiator used of transformer》standards and technical requirements,
2、When Cleanliness inspection; used pressure value not less 35KV of transformer oil rinse, Testing radiator cavity cleanliness.
3、Air tightness test; Pressure is not more than 0.20 MPa, Keep the pressure of 20min, No leakage and permanent deformation.
4、When the vacuum test; Vacuum 133 pa, Keep 10 min, without permanent deformation.
5、When the transformer filling oil; Open the air release plug of the radiator upper part, When the transformer oil Overflow, Tighten air release plug, Wipe spill oil of transformer,
6、When Field installation; The radiator of flange open after on to be installed in time, Exposure time no more than 1 hour.
7、 The use of the environment; The radiator use environmental requirements with the same host matching transformer.

Removable chip radiator type A
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